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Job title: Machine Learning Engineer

Company: Vortexa

Job description: Job Description:

About Vortexa

Vortexa was founded to solve the immense information gap that exists in the energy industry. By using massive amounts of new satellite data and pioneering work in artificial intelligence, Vortexa creates an unprecedented view on the global seaborne energy flows in real-time, bringing transparency and efficiency to the energy markets and society as a whole.

The Challenge

Processing thousands of rich data points per second from many vastly different external sources, moving terabytes of data while processing it in real-time, running complex prediction and forecasting AI models while coupling their output into a hybrid human-machine data refinement process and presenting the result through a nimble low-latency SaaS solution used by customers around the globe is no small feat of science and engineering. This processing requires models that can survive the scrutiny of industry experts, data analysts and traders, with the performance, stability, latency and agility a fast-moving startup influencing multi-$m transactions requires.

The Signal Processing and Enrichment Team are responsible for turning raw satellite data, price and text references into meaningful vessel events. The team has built a variety of procedural, statistical and machine learning models to filter, interpolate, correct and forecast billions of data points sent by over 600,000 vessels, and narrow it down to a robust sequence of vessel events. Our models and pipelines are continuously benchmarked and assessed by experienced market and data analysts to ensure information quality.

You’ll be instrumental in designing and building infrastructure and applications to propel the design, deployment, and benchmarking of existing and new pipelines and ML models. Working with software and data engineers, data scientists and market analysts, you’ll help bridge the gap between scientific experiments and commercial products by ensuring 100% uptime and bulletproof fault-tolerance of every component of the team’s data pipelines.


You Are:

  • Driven by working in an intellectually engaging environment with the top minds in the industry, where constructive and friendly challenges and debates are encouraged, not avoided
  • Experienced in building distributed heavy-load backend systems that can go through terabytes of data daily
  • Highly skilled with Python / Numpy / Pandas, and fluent with software engineering fundamentals
  • A cloud computing power user who can deploy & operate high-availability production systems (AWS preferred)
  • Excited about working in a start-up environment: not afraid of challenges, excited to bring new ideas to production, and a positive can-do will-do person, not afraid to push the boundaries of your job role
  • Passionate about writing elegant, modular code, underpinned by well-defined contracts, that can withstand the test of time
  • Able to share strong opinions lightly held on what the team should do next
  • Motivated and self-driven, capable to work across time zones with remote colleagues

Awesome If You:

  • Are experienced in Rust or a JVM language
  • Have experience with Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Spark or TFX – especially application deployment, monitoring and debugging
  • Have experience with productisation of Machine Learning research projects
  • Are familiar with Airflow or other workflow orchestration tools, and worked with Kubernetes
  • Understand data lake systems and file formats like Parquet, Orc, Athena
  • Are familiar with CI / CD and shell scripting
  • Have some relevant AWS or Kafka certifications


  • A vibrant, diverse company pushing ourselves and the technology to deliver beyond the cutting edge
  • A team of motivated characters and top minds striving to be the best at what we do at all times
  • Constantly learning and exploring new tools and technologies
  • Acting as company owners (all Vortexa staff have equity options)- in a business-savvy and responsible way
  • Enjoying a friendly working environment
  • Motivated by being collaborative, working and achieving together
  • Not only teammates but friends, often finishing the week enjoying a glass of a favourite drink and a game of 3D Connect 4 together
  • Offering equity options for all staff
  • A full breakdown of our benefits and perks can be found here:

Expected salary:

Location: London

Job date: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 23:52:34 GMT

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